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Pennsylvania Bluegrass has a long and storied tradition.  It's a simple community of people who appreciate the complex melodies that only bluegrass can offer.  Club meetings, family get togethers, and church socials all may include time spent playing music and bluegrass music is always a favorite.  The influences of the small bands that toured the out of the way venues in the hills of Eastern Pennsylvania to small appreciative audiences are still strong among today's musicians.  Bill Monroe, Reno and Smiley, The Country Gentlemen and Flatt & Scruggs were all favorites and they all left their mark on the musical minds of the folks here.  Today if you visit some of the Shindigs or Festivals, you will hear modern day musicians playing those same familiar tunes. 

Additionally, Pennsylvania Bluegrass is expanding.  Some bands have taken those old tunes and added their own arrangements that might include insturments not traditionally associated with bluegrass.  An electronic bass or a set of drums are not necessarily traditional bluegrass instuments but you might see them in some of the bands playing today. 

If you are a strict traditionalist or can appreciate the newer arrangements of some old tunes, we hope to be able to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for.