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This site is here to promote Pennsylvania Bluegrass.  My name is Art Oswald and I maintain the site when I can find  the time.  I have a full work schedule plus I do a few other sites in the evenings and on weekends.  I have a lot of plans for the site but it is going to take a while to get it all accomplished.  In the meantime, check back often for updates. 

The Store is open.

There are now several CDs available for download in the Store. Some are old and out of print and some are new. All are good. Take a look and see if your favorite band is represented.

I am also working on a calendar so that bands can post their gigs so you can make your plans. 

If you have questions or comments, please go to the blog page and let me know what you are thinking.  Any kind of feedback would be great. 

In the meantime, keep going to the festivals and shindigs and help to support Pennsylvania Bluegrass.